Hell No H2O

I know it’s been awhile, and I apologize. Surprisingly, the palace has been pretty quiet which really only makes me more nervous for what may be up their sleeves. However, I figured it was time for me to pay my readers a visit. Without further ado, I give you this:

Unbelievable. Another bathroom incident, believe me I don’t understand it either. This pic was taken a few weeks ago and I actually forgot about it until now.

Apparently water is not even acceptable in the shower. Yes, the loofa is mine… and if that was the first thing that made you throw up the question mark, we’re going to have some problems. I have to admit that upon seeing this I laughed, pretty hard actually. Mostly because I found it on a Tuesday evening. I guess water just wasn’t in the cards that day, or a shower for that matter. Unless it was used while in the shower? Which at that point I guess is just somewhat impressive…

We’ll see how long this drought of boringness lasts in the good old palace. Hopefully for you (not so much for me) I return soon with more posts. In the mean time, stay classy—for the both of us.


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