Diamond in the Rough

I’m back with more.

This time, I bring you some more bathroom nonsense. I went to my actual real house for a night and come back to find this. Most would be wondering: “Where did they get this statue head?”  I first questioned: “Why is it in the bathroom?” I’m slowly being transformed.

At first, I must say I was creeped out. I felt like it was always looking at me. Now, I am beginning to realize all the character it puts in the room. It’s a diamond in the rough piece of art that I have grown to love. He needs a name, but I haven’t been able to find the name that will embody his true colors.

In all seriousness, it’s creepy. It serves as a great towel rack, and that is basically where I draw the line with our relationship. Why in the world you see a statue head and think it’s a good idea to take home is beyond me. I really do feel like naming it, though. Finding a name to embody his true colors won’t be hard seeing as how he is only one color–gray. If you have any suggestions on what to name my new towel rack…I guess I will take them.

As for now, I will continue letting the palace keep me on my toes. I find myself peeking around corners before I enter hallways with uncertainty as to what may lie ahead. I will tell you this, I need to start buying Febreze in bulk…

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2 Responses to Diamond in the Rough

  1. Deenagh says:

    love. he looks like a chuck, jim, bill, bernard or cliff

  2. Stephanie says:

    Daniel….’Dan Dan the Bathroom Man’ for short.

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