Hell No H2O

I know it’s been awhile, and I apologize. Surprisingly, the palace has been pretty quiet which really only makes me more nervous for what may be up their sleeves. However, I figured it was time for me to pay my readers a visit. Without further ado, I give you this:

Unbelievable. Another bathroom incident, believe me I don’t understand it either. This pic was taken a few weeks ago and I actually forgot about it until now.

Apparently water is not even acceptable in the shower. Yes, the loofa is mine… and if that was the first thing that made you throw up the question mark, we’re going to have some problems. I have to admit that upon seeing this I laughed, pretty hard actually. Mostly because I found it on a Tuesday evening. I guess water just wasn’t in the cards that day, or a shower for that matter. Unless it was used while in the shower? Which at that point I guess is just somewhat impressive…

We’ll see how long this drought of boringness lasts in the good old palace. Hopefully for you (not so much for me) I return soon with more posts. In the mean time, stay classy—for the both of us.


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Diamond in the Rough

I’m back with more.

This time, I bring you some more bathroom nonsense. I went to my actual real house for a night and come back to find this. Most would be wondering: “Where did they get this statue head?”  I first questioned: “Why is it in the bathroom?” I’m slowly being transformed.

At first, I must say I was creeped out. I felt like it was always looking at me. Now, I am beginning to realize all the character it puts in the room. It’s a diamond in the rough piece of art that I have grown to love. He needs a name, but I haven’t been able to find the name that will embody his true colors.

In all seriousness, it’s creepy. It serves as a great towel rack, and that is basically where I draw the line with our relationship. Why in the world you see a statue head and think it’s a good idea to take home is beyond me. I really do feel like naming it, though. Finding a name to embody his true colors won’t be hard seeing as how he is only one color–gray. If you have any suggestions on what to name my new towel rack…I guess I will take them.

As for now, I will continue letting the palace keep me on my toes. I find myself peeking around corners before I enter hallways with uncertainty as to what may lie ahead. I will tell you this, I need to start buying Febreze in bulk…

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Words of Wisdom

Hello all,

I would like to share with you all some inspiration courtesy of my housemates. These wise words I have the pleasure of seeing everyday. Your life will be changed forever after reading.

In a normal house, the bathroom may be a place where you can find a nice frame with an inspirational quote enclosed. Something along the lines of “Live, Laugh, Love” or another cliche, feel-good quote. This is not one of those bathrooms. This hand written quote lies before my eyes everyday in the bathroom. It is unframed in good reason. How did this become my life?

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Poor Bunny

Arising in the palace (that is what I call my current, wonderful place of residency) on my third day there, I go down to the kitchen to find this on the stove:

How can I make myself a nice breakfast when looking at a decapitated chocolate bunny of this sort? Not to mention all pots and pans used the night before to make this beautiful masterpiece were still left out with the remains of what you see on this plate. That poor bunny… and no, I have no idea what is sitting next to the bunny. I’m guessing a brownie, but I am learning quickly to never assume anything in the palace.

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Allow Me to Clarify

The title of this blog may be puzzling to some, so allow me to elaborate for this first post. This summer, I will be living in a fraternity annex house. Yes, I am a girl–hence why this all got a little more interesting.

I got an internship near school this summer, and since my brother’s room in the annex house was already paid for, my parents found it most financially wise to have me live there for the summer. Allow this blog to serve as my outlet for all that I may come across this summer. God knows it will be interesting, but just how interesting is to be determined.

Wish me luck and I will be posting soon!

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